Sun. May 26th, 2024

Whenever Ghosh Sahab was on duty near Ballygunge ITI, he would often see a small boy of about 8 years playing on the road. The boy’s mother works in a roadside hotel and works day and night for a better future for her son. Mother and son do not have a house, they both live on the footpath, but the mother hopes that her son will definitely change this situation one day by being educated. When Prakash Ghosh came to know about this, he could not help but decided that he would help both of them as much as he could.
From that day onwards, whenever Ghosh Saheb is assigned duty at that place, he not only teaches that child but also monitors the traffic. Many times, even after his duty is over, he teaches her. Ghosh, posing as the child’s teacher, gives him homework and checks it back. The child’s mother says that ever since her child got a new ‘teacher’, there has been a lot of improvement in him.
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